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House Roswaal Maid Outfit (F) Animation

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edited August 25, 2018 in Bugs and Glitches
What is the issue?

The item "House Roswaal Maid Outfit (F)" from the new Rem and Ram partners animation breaks after a couple minutes of idling in game. The Dress does not stretch when you move your hands after a bit.

What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?

Put on the outfit, and wait.

What do you expect to happen instead?

The outfit should continue doing the animation the same way, instead of changing to not move the dress after some time.

This bellow picture is the animation while it still works.

This is the animation when it breaks.

Items worn if it matters:
Gold Ring Halo
Frilly Ribbon Headband
Roller Skates
Playful Bunny Cuffs
Cherry Blossom Hummingbird Wings
House Roswaal Maid Outfit (F)


I always forget my IGN and Server:



Another thing I will report here, if needed I will just make another thread. However, my internet is not good enough for uploading videos so theres not much I can do about that...
When you move and then stop moving, the animation starts, but the start of the animation makes the dress bigger than the dress itself is, like the poof. So it just pops into place seeminly growing every time you stop, and shrinking whenever you are moving.

To reproduce, put the outfit on. Move. Stop moving. Just keep an eye on the skirt itself.

Instead, the animation should start matching the size the skirt was modeled to be. Or perhaps the skirt could be modeled to be bigger to match the animation, whichever is easier I suppose.
But poofy skirts are best so make it bigger! ;)


  • LadameLadame
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,600
    Posts: 159
    Adding to this, since the maintenance today, I almost thought it was fixed. Turns out it just takes much longer to stop working.