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Tarlach Fair PvP Tournment (NEW HOSTS)

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edited August 18, 2018 in Tarlach Chat
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Dear Milletians,

As many of you know, the Tarlach Fair is fast approaching this Sunday, August 19th! We've been preparing for a couple of weeks now, but you may have noticed that our PvP tournament unfortunately had to undergo new management.

This decision was not rash or prejudice. While we gave -removed- an honest chance, the evidence below proves that he was not fit to run this event in accordance to the Fair's terms and meaning; it is an event to bring everyone in the community together, and to accommodate them with fun and fairness! We understand that many members of our community were upset with the barriers that -removed- was placing in his event, and due to his unwillingness to comply with our conditions, we were forced to place someone else for this event.

-image removed-

Rest assured, it will still be hosted and just as enjoyable! The rules have been adapted to be more well rounded and equal; giving everyone, of all talents and races, a chance to compete and win!
Luckily, we have two very capable hosts, Kelspa and Slamborghini, to take over the event; these players are highly knowledgeable of the PvP community and we believe that they will be able to accommodate everyone for this event. While we are aware that -removed- will also be hosting on this day, our event will be completely separate. Our duo has made tremendous efforts and research to assure that our competition will differ from -removed-, while still following the basic rules for a standard PvP tournament.

We hope that you trust our judgement in this decision and continue to give us your support and participation for the 2018 Tarlach Fair. We strive to give it our best shot to revive the event and make Tarlach a more inclusive and entertaining place for everyone.

Kindest Regards,