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Blacklist improvements

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Provide a means to type names into the blacklist. Clicking on a player and selecting "Add to Blacklist" is useful, but if I later switch to a different character, I want to be able to add the offending player to the blacklist on that character too, and that's problematic if I can't locate the character. A useful alternative would be to have a single blacklist for the account, rather than separate blacklists for each character.

Currently if a player is on my blacklist they can still join a party I create. That seems odd. If I don't want to be distracted by someone who is writing vitriolic comments in chat, I also don't want them in my party. So, it would be good if players on my blacklist can't join my party.

If I join someone else's party, and someone on my blacklist is already in that party, it would be useful if their name displays in a different colour in the party list. This would alert me to the issue, and I could decide to leave the party, rather than trying to complete a mission in which one of the other party members is invisible to me. It's weird when a mob I'm fighting unexpectedly takes hits from an an invisible player.


  • SlugFillerSlugFiller
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    I would also add that the Blacklist should not share space with the friends list. There's no reason why I should be faced with the dilemma of deleting one of my friends just to blacklist someone.