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Squire Crafting

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edited January 31, 2017 in Help
Regarding the final tier of items you can craft using medals and broken gear such as broken guardian armor, etc. Which, if any of the mats are tradeable? I'm intending on gathering the mats needed to make Pihne's armor but I don't have the rank of magic craft to make it myself, so I was hoping I could simply give the mats to a friend to make it for me, however I'm not sure if I can do that.

So I've come here to confirm in advance to know if I should start ranking magic craft early


  • LaticijaLaticija
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    As far as I know, all of the crafting mats, including the broken base pieces, are tradable. Other rewards, such as Shadow Crystals, Full Recovery Potions and so on that come from the squire boxes are not. So yes, if you don't have the rank needed, you can trade the materials and ask a friend to craft it for you.
  • RingabelRingabel
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    edited January 31, 2017
    Additionally, considering how rare some of these materials can be - it might be worthwhile to look for a r1 Magic Crafter with the master title.

    ( if you care about what roll you get on it - as players with the master title equipped have better chances of getting a good roll than those without. but then, there's the whole question of actually finding someone with the title... )
  • ImaizumiImaizumi
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    Ok, thank you for the answers!