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Giant Wand Stance Card

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What is the issue?
Giants (Female, I am unsure about male giants, and don't have a male giant to test on) hold some wands incorrectly. The giants hold them rotated so that they dont face forward, but instead poke into the chest.
NOTE: This is with the Wand Stance Card activated.
So far, I have noticed this with the Fairy Fire wand (presumably the Fairy Ice Wand and Fairy Lightning Wand as well, though I lack the wands to test this myself) and the Heart Lightning and Heart Ice wands (and again, presumably the Fire variant. I don't have it to personally test it).

Fairy Fire wand:

Heart Lightning/Ice wand:

What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
Equip any of the mentioned wands on a female giant character and compare the position of the wand to how Elves and Humans hold it. The giants hold them rotated so that they dont face the correct way (The way elves and humans hold them, really the way everyone should hold them with the Wand Stance Cards).
What do you expect to happen instead?
Giants should hold the wands the same way as the other races do.

Here are some pictures showing the wands being held correctly:

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