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[R>] Isn't this game kinda...Dead?☠Necro☠

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edited September 2, 2018 in Guild and Party Recruitment
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Social Guild...Mostly?

Not really sure what I'm doing with this guild actually.

Hi, I'm Ciel, You might have heard of me.
Username? Cielxfuntom

I was on Alexina, and now I'm back, and it's like everyone hates me[Don't know what happened while I was gone? Someone wanted attention somewhere?]. So aiight- I guess this is the best time to make a guild? I've been a solo player for a while, I've done some on this server with some people I probably shouldn't have messed with. I said some things, feel guilty for them, paid the price, and now people still want to burn me. Sope, decided to make a guild called Necro. If you heard rumors about me? I dunno, they're probably true.

But I've been here since elves came out, and here's what I can remember: I told some lies, yes, I've been in a relationship with someone for 11 years, I catfished some people, I'm actually the reverse of a G.I.R.L which would be a... B.I.R.L? But I'm actually transitioning irl because I identify as a boy and would rather be referred to with male pronouns. I also suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder and have been recovering for a while now, I'm pretty much High-Functioning which means I'm PRETTY under control, until you piss me off or do something I'd consider stupid too often, or you don't listen to me when I tell you to: " stop." .

20+ guild, mentality wise as well, a Discord group will be made as soon as I deem it fit. I've actually been starting to work on expanding the guild and pushing the levels. My officer is the person I've been in a relationship with irl for 11 years. If you've got beef with me, like... I mean I'm not a vegetarian. If you're gonna be petty and stalk my homestead or start bashing me out of nowhere, or gather up like a bunch of highschool kids to pick on me. THAT'S COOL! You guys are just kinda making an ass of yourselves by giving me that mental picture. You can keep on doing it, but I'm just gonna stand there and afk until you guys grow bored.

I just wanna play this game, and have friends, everyone enjoys a hand. And I wanna give a hand too- I mean I've got a pretty nice total level, maybe not as great since I've been playing this game on and off, and same with my officer. But it's enough to lend a hand.

As for me mentality wise, being able to run the pressure of a guild and see how far it can grow. I have my officer who's been growing with me to be kind of like my voice of reason when it comes to making impulsive decisions. But honestly, I've grown to trust myself and how I handle situations pretty well- it's why I felt I could come back to this server in the first place. If you want to believe the exaggerations that were done on how terrible I am, fine. But how about you give yourself the chance to make your own opinion instead of listening to what others have said or 'telephone gamed' about me, before making such a harsh conclusion.

Thank you! And if you can process this, how about reading further?


The Necro Guild

A guild dedicated to the 'dark mages' society of Erinn.
☠. You don't have to be a mage to join.
☠. Again, not really sure what base I wanna do with the guild.
☠. Rp friendly since I love writing and I'm a fiction writer.
☠. Active, welp...We're only 2 members right now. So yeah, we're active for now. I'll close this if we decide to quit.
☠. Our guild stone is located just on the outskirts of the Ciar dungeon Gate next to the creepy big tree.
☠. Kinda just trying to make Mabinogi fun again for myself and whoever tf doesn't have a problem with me.

☠☠ So what the hell CAN I offer? ☠☠?

I dunno, a chill Discord group, anime/movie/chill nights. Art? I mean I draw and write, so art support. LGBT support, since I'm kind of understanding of that stuff. And so is my mate, who's also FtM and currently dealing with the transition. So yeah, we're gay!
We've been living together irl for a long time and managed to pull through all the stuff I put us through.

So if you want to keep on hating me over this petty drama. Welp, no wonder this is the renown drama server.


An ability to let go of past stuff, and an attitude that allows other people to change.
Absolutely no connection to the guild leader's [my] past dramatic . You really don't need to join my guild or make a comment about it.
You must be over 20 years old to join. We do not accept any players younger than this. Why? Because I'm too old and don't want kids.
A will to play the game and not just park there and look pretty. As much as I love the Fashinogi life.
Don't be childish and beg for stuff, or use the guild as your counselor. I can help you find one, but I'm not here to play psychologist. I kinda need one myself.
A sense of humor. I joke a lot and can be very crude.
If you have an issue with me being on Mabinogi, feel free to contact the administrative office to write a ticket about my return.
I highly doubt they'll do anything tho'

No level requirements, just a will to play.

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