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Menu Update

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in Feedback and Suggestions
I feel we need a new menu setup personally so the screen looks more clean as I load in any game I see the presentation of the menus it feels like it lacks full customization. I feel we should be allowed to change the colors of the menu in options with more selections like a hue slider for colors, key binds should be placed in a arrow hider so if you don't want to see them they don't appear unless clicked however still work existing. map should be like a circle as a square feels cluttered and a circle can be scaled better if you choose to scale the map while still keeping blind spots. Inventory update please I feel they should combine into one menu that you appear same with pets inventories should be allowed to be showed but you have to summon said pet to take out of the inventory. Bank inventory should be view able based on what character you use but can't remove unless at a bank and talk to npc. I feel as well you should be allowed to customize the clock appearance and alarm appearance it feels so poorly optimized and covers the screen in a certain way that makes it so undemanding.
I feel our bottom hub menu for all factors and hp,mp,and stam should be a seperate menu from the hub so it can be placed maybe at the top and be allowed to have a custom menu setup to make it look better than just bars and maybe make it like a percent not a exact number rate showed if you wanted to place it that way.e4a7af17ede35bb6660a46164874c513.png
Something like that for the appearance would be great, I designed this layout using Mabinogi and to add in the other layout creations as well as using my art ability to do borders.
I hope this idea gets implemented so players stop struggling with visibility on the screen.


  • SplatulatedSplatulated
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    edited September 1, 2018
    i like the current layout


    maybe if could move the chat box around and the party member list it could be a little better
  • LeineiLeinei
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    I feel it would be nice if we had the option to customize the placements to our liking rather than changing the orientation completely for everyone. I prefer my life/mana/stamina readings to be at the bottom so they don't accidentally "hide" enemies coming from up ahead of me.
  • FluoretteFluorette
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    To me, it looks cluttered. Add my multiple inventory bags and there'll be no screen for me. D=
    Nice editing work, though!
  • EraleaEralea
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    I'll let the laypeople be nice to you. I'm going to be harsh.

    1) Why on earth would anyone need their character's name taking up a huge box at the top of the screen?
    1b) Why is it in an opaque bizarre polygon shape? Looks like it came straight out of a cheap two-bit JRPG.
    hp,mp,and stam should be a seperate menu from the hub so it can be placed maybe at the top and be allowed to have a custom menu setup to make it look better than just bars
    Have you ever actually taken a UI design course? You need to revisit the part where they teach you how to cut out all the useless, space-wasting ornamentation.


    Look at it. It's a clean, easy-to-read and unobtrusive design that shows your primary combat-related statuses in a single location. You only need one quick glance to see how close you are to dying and how close you are to levelling up. How is your trapezoid-with-a-hat an improvement on that?

    2) Where are all the F-hotkey slots and numbered Quick Slots? You've only drawn in the 32 slots from the two Extra Skill Slot windows. Where exactly do you propose they place the other 12x2 and 12x8 slots when not hidden?
    2b) The Extra Skill Slots have no keyboard bindings, they'll be completely unusable if hidden.

    3) You've offered no space for the Dorcha Gauge, Attribute Marbles or Awakening window. The current UI already leaves the top and sides open for us to organise all those things as we like.
    In fact, the only fixed elements of the current UI are the top hotkeys, party status and mission/homestead-related buttons (and it should be noted that you've somehow managed to account for none of these things in your proposed redesign). Everything else can be moved around. How much more customisation are you asking for?

    4) If you really don't want the bottom menu there, why not just minimise it or move it out of the way?

    Minimise it, stick it to the top. Now your status bars are up there and - fortunately for everyone else - there isn't a huge blind spot in the top middle of the screen.

    Thank goodness the devs don't actually read this forum. I haven't seen anything this gross since first year of design school. What a pity the good suggestions related to the inventory system got bundled up with all that.
  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
    Mabinogi Rep: 6,855
    Posts: 790
    OP, do you by any chance use a 4:3 CRT monitor? Your example image looks a bit cramped. You can change the game's resolution in the options menu, and hopefully that gives you more room for your windows and HUD.

    I like the part about splitting the character stat bars from the menu hub, and also the vertical menu hub. I personally would like to split the chat display to it's own movable element and move the squires window to the menu hub.
  • JazmynJazmyn
    Mabinogi Rep: 7,595
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    I'm wishing they would get rid of the scrolling text at the top of the screen because that obstructs my view; definitely a no for me on this design. This is like..... 100% mirrored/opposite of where I like the things on the set up as is right now... Lol.