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Mass Tarlach Alliance

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edited September 8, 2018 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hello Milletians,

After a month's worth of hard work and planning, the Mass Tarlach Guild Alliance is now developed and looking for new allies!

This alliance was founded by Vixxen, LethalDrive, Chevaliers, and Ornac; all of us are active members throughout the Tarlach community as some of you may have noticed by our guilds' events. Most recently, the four of us worked together to host the Tarlach Fair last month in August.
Our guilds are dedicated to the development and unity of Tarlach. We believe that there is no need for new guilds, but rather a collection of big guilds working together. Tarlach's community is unfortunately declining and becoming small groups of isolated parties. We strive to build a bridge between the gap that separates our server and its players.

Our primary base for our alliance is located on Discord. Please keep in mind that our server is not leader/officer exclusive; if your guild joins, ALL of your members are invited to our server. Much like many individual servers, the Alliance offers channels for general chats, finding raid parties, scouting the market, sharing your creativity, and more! Your members may use this server to find any kind of help in Mabi, whether it's production, combat/quests, shopping, or simply looking for new friends!

We also recognize the importance of guild leaders co-operating with each other; therefore, we have a private channel exclusive for leaders and officers to discuss between themselves and allies for any guild-related changes or issues you'd like to discuss away from your members.

For any guilds interested in joining our alliance, please note that we do have a 2 step interview process that you will have to complete.
Here's your first step! This survey will collect general information about your guild and its creation. Upon completion, an interview will be scheduled for you with the Round Table to further inquire about your guild, its goals, and purpose.
Please keep in mind that in order to remain in the alliance we have established a "membership" like system. Altruism is required to remain allied; if your guild is not contributing to the rest of the alliance, yet using the resources and help that the others have provided, you will be removed from the alliance.
Altruism can include, but is not limited to: hosting raids, helping collect mats, helping with quests, helping process materials, helping people brainstorm and develop ideas they may have, answering questions frequently, etc.

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to address, please feel free to note Siniavokaja, Paxseko, Hawkleaf, or Rockk.

We look forward to what the future has to offer!

Please note you do not have to be a guild leader to apply. Allies are also accepted for those who would like to join but not necessarily speak on behalf of their guild entirely.

Kindest Regards,
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