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KuroKnights wants you

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edited September 23, 2018 in Guild and Party Recruitment
We are a new and ambitious guild with social goals in mind and intentions to dabble in all the aspects of the game.
Our target members will be anime and mabinogi enthusiasts with an interest in light roleplay, we will have no level requirements and will go by an open door policy, aslong as you follow the guidelines we set for any problem in communication everything will be dandy.
Should you join you can expect full support on your endavours ingame such as;Leveling,Gold gaining,Runs within our capacity and ofcourse just keep in mind we will work with you, not do these things for you or on demand.
the only rule that you will be expected to follow is to not make any decisions out of spite, this will also include passive aggresive approaches,should you be spotted intentionally trying to cause harm to another players game experience, it will be grounds for removal.
Our guild members will be prompted to use channel 5 on a regular basis and idle In Tir or Dunbarton for the sake of creating more interactions with your fellow knights outside of your mission running,training or questing.
So then, i hope to see you join our ranks!
Our meet ups will all be held in ch5 tir

Any questions feel free to message me at my character; Okamierokun