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[FWD] Ferris Outfit Model

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edited April 17, 2019 in Forwarded Bugs
Confirmed this only happens on giants. Of course. :')

What is the issue?
When wearing the Ferris Outfit (I have only tested this on female giants currently) there seems to be a square[?] sticking out of each thigh when looking at them from certain angles.
While we are on the subject of Ferris Outfit, pls make the Purple the more neutral gray it is supposed to be, or make it dyeable /not really an issue but dang does it bug me!

What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
Put on the Ferris Outfit (on female giants for sure). Look at your thighs.

What do you expect to happen instead?
There shouldn't be a square sticking out of the model.


I've tried to gain weight and lose weight to see if it changed at all, but the square still stuck out. I don't have screenshots (on account of dieting IMMEDIATELY) but it was even worse with thicker legs, leading me to believe the leg model is a bit screwy. Hence the reason it grows with weight gain!

Server: Alexina
IGN: Ladame

Here are some pictures:


  • ChiisaiAkanboChiisaiAkanbo
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    I wish they'd make that purple part dyeable!
    Also... I just noticed this on the Ferris...

  • LadameLadame
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    edited April 18, 2019
    Just came back from a very long break to see that this is still an issue. Re-tested it on an elf as well:


    Looks fine on them. Please forward this to the devs! T_T
  • FedoraDanFedoraDan
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    Forwarded! Thank you for your report.