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Giant / Nascent Divinity Camera Issue

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edited September 13, 2018 in Bugs and Glitches
What happens now: Players start with the camera ticked as if it should be on, but clicking to remove the tick from the box actually turns on the updated camera.
What should happen instead: Players should start with the camera ticked as if it should be on, and it should actually be on.

You can see it in these photos most clearly by looking at the shadow and the top of the tree that I'm standing next to. When the new camera box is active the new camera is actually not in use. The camera works fine for Giants/Nascent/transforms if the player knows to turn off the setting to use it.

Note that I've only been able to test this on a Giant character, so it could be that only Giant characters are affected.

Server: Tarlach
IGN: Megasoul


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    edited September 22, 2018
    The option is not for an updated camera, it's an option on whether a change should happen or not.
    • The option, when ticked, adjusts the height/target of the camera in those situations (controlling a giant or using the divinity trans). That is, when the option is on it causes a change from the base behavior for the base race of the game (humans).
    • The option, when unticked, does no adjustment, leaving the camera height/target the same as base characters. That is, when the option is off, it does not take effect.

    The behavior you're expecting would make sense if transitions back and forth between versions were to be expected (like compatibility between versions of a program in other regards), but now that NA has updated with the option it will always be there, so we only have this one transition period between the option not existing and the option existing in the settings panel.

    Instead the transition of camera behaviors is between characters and a transformation, which is a reversible thing and not an "old versus new" thing. Like when I go an RP mission on my human and play as a giant in the RP, I'm not going to a new version of the game for the RP, and then going back to an old version when I get control of my human again.

    You're thinking of it as "old camera versus new camera", but it's actually "base camera versus adjusted camera".
  • MegasoulMegasoul
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,735
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    I understand you're point, except the patch notes explicitly describe this option as "New camera height options have been added for Giants and Nascent Divinity." Under that description the implication is that I should be able to go into settings, find a new button to press, and have a more responsive camera for taller characters such as the Nascent transform.

    Except currently to get to this adjusted camera I have to remove the click from the option with it's name. I suppose if the name of the option was "Base Camera [x]" then unclicking it might make sense, but as it stands the patch notes and common sense makes me believe that it was either intended to not initially have the click, or was mistranslated in someway. Consider the "Skip all transformation cut-scenes [ ]" option which by default is unclicked and when clicked does as you would expect it to; or consider the "Use skill cam [x]" option which when unclicked removes the skill cam.

    Compared to "Giant / Nascent Divinity Camera Height Adjustment [x]" I naturally imagine that the adjustment being turned on would give me the more responsive camera, which is contrary to the truth.