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Hotkey for dropping items

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Fishing events like this are always a good way to bring to mind how much this is needed. It is unimaginably tedious to either click the ground and wait for my character to walk before dropping or to right click and click drop a billion times when im trying to drop large quantities of junk items like more fish then anyone would ever need.


  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
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    I've seen other games that have a "Drop all (Item) in inventory" option. Heck, even mabi has this option built-in for house flyers. So it's possible.

    Option 1: This option shows up if you press SHIFT while accessing an item's context menu. You select the "Drop All" option. The game asks, "Are you sure you want to drop ALL instances of (Item) in your inventory?" You answer 'Yes' and it drops all the items.

    Option 2: Text commands. In the chat, enter "/drop all (item)" to access the same option.
  • BlortadBlortad
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    They did a hotkey for equipping and buying, that wasnt always there. Just make it alt cliick or something to drop since shift click is to divide.
  • ErorservErorserv
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    Agree 100%. Dropping items is currently such a time waster.
  • ForeRuniaForeRunia
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    This isn't the perfect solution, but it can work temporarily;

    You can put every item you don't want in one bag and unequip that bag. The bag won't leave your inventory, you won't drop it, and every item in that bag will show up in a temporary inventory. Just don't touch it and everything will drop in a couple minutes. The downside is you'll need to organize your inventory and double check that there is nothing important left in the bag. It would be nice to be able to cycle through items in the temporary inventory, in order to double check that.

    Alternatively, to save yourself from needing to drop fish to begin with, you can do this...

    For extra rows like the bottom, I used some items I was saving for later use. You can use free HS trees to fill in any blanks. They cost 3 homestead stones. Just use anything stackable. You want to make sure there are no 1x2 spaces. When you're done fishing, you can use the magnet above your equipment to stack all of the jars and HS trees.