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[Open Recruitment] Affliction

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edited April 28, 2019 in Guild and Party Recruitment

Hello! We are Affliction, and to be totally honest we just picked this name because it was cool. We current consist of just a handful of very active players at this time, but we’re hoping to become a sizable guild over time.

We are looking for new members, despite your total level, because if we help you with your goals, you’ll quickly accomplish the skills and levels you need. If you are already a higher level though we do like to run higher level dungeons such as AAHM, Sidhe, and Phantasm (well we try). We’d also like to try to get enough people to run lords often, and skill level aside we like to run dailies well, daily!

We have many plans including guild only events, such as ‘Hide and Seek’, and ‘Cosplay Contests’ that will have prizes for the winners. These prizes will vary between sums of gold, special items, and NX.

We do have a Guild Chat active in discord, but it is not required if you do not feel comfortable talking in it. We will use the chat as a means of relaying important information that would otherwise be missed if you are not on Mabinogi when it is announced if you are offline at that time. Additionally for those wanting updates and information, but do not want to use the chat, we have a Guild website in the works that will have posts with those various announcements!

1. No Drama (Every guild says this rule, and it never happens by try plox.)
2. Uh, like be nice… maybe? Thanks.
3. Let us know if you cannot be active for a period of time. If you’re inactive for more than 2 weeks with no notice we’ll have to kick you and that’s no fun for anyone involved.
4. Das it


If you would like to join, or want information about the guild, feel free to message or note minastar or xstarlitrose. Or you can visit our guild stone near the really cool rock to the right of the Taillteann shadow mission alter!


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