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Tutorial to learn things you know

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edited October 4, 2018 in Help
So I've been away for a while.
I have Dan 2 icebolt
rank 1 thunderbolt
rank 1 firebolt

and I have a quest to learn bolt magic some benevolent Dan 3 master of all magics is pretty snobby IMO.
Also herbalism and potion making which I learned but had I kept playing for the last decade I imagine I would have been rank B.


I'm putting it here due to not being able to give it up. Unless this is intended


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    You can just do the quests to get them out of your quest log.

    They don't take long, really.

    Those kinds of quests are given to you the first time you log in as one of those talents.
    Go talk to a beginner quest board.
    Unlike the quest says they're not in EVERY town, but there is one near Duncan in Tir Chonaill.

    They're not intended to be given up, but don't worry. If you already know the skills they teach you, they won't affect your skill ranks at all.