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Returned once again/ Barrage of Question.

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Greetings and Salutations.

Mostly put this off for a few days since I was unsure if I was staying or not but after 6 days and luckily arriving on the first day of the event I think I'll be staying for quite a while. While I see none of my friends are there and I am stuck to soloing I still at least pop in to do some of the dailies, and the return initiative missions to pass time. I just recently reached master title for combat and at least consider myself in the scale of at least able to do medium level stuff in terms of damage. I am very close towards reaching 1000 levels for one of my characters that I just placed as the one that fights with swords while I have an elf alt that was just used to do magic crafting with and that was about it.

On top of this, I do have alternate character with one being an elf that's only sole purpose is just to do magic crafting, a giant that's barely been touched on too much, and a Merlin character that is in the same boat.

Now for the questions

1. Are elves decent again? Last I heard elves took a hard nerf but this was way back in the days when Saga 2 came out (which was the time I left the game) If they are, is there a route I should take with them just so if I do decide try to master magic crafting again, should I focus on skills for them to have damage.

2. This is going to be a lot of question for my human main but the broad question is, how do I get him stronger? I say this as in shadow mission I am only able to handle the Int. level shadow missions with ease but the one time I hopped on a group that was doing a hard mission I wasn't doing nearly enough damage. The other two people were able to one shot most of the enemies while I may have needed ten or so strikes with my smash skill (which is Dan 1 atm) before at least killing one. My equipment is two light saber swords, and the Thames set, along with a ribbon that grants me a bit of a STR boost.

2a. Should I possibly look for different weapons? And if I do, what ones and how do I generally strengthen them? By just upgrading them? I am using the rented weapons only because repairing the light sabers are expensive.

2b. I read from a few places that you need to mix certain skills together mostly to gain enough stats. Since my character is sort of a combat strength build with heavy armor, what other talents should I branch out to that can compliment strength? Lance? Ninja? And is getting a support skill like music hurt at all?

3. Since this is based on the light saber repair issue. How do I at least a stable amount of money? I mainly started just doing the saga dailies just so I gain an extra 30k for doing them but is there any other ways? Is holy water still in heavy demand and what are the asking prices for them?

4. Anyone recruiting in a guild for an old dog like me? I never got to experience any raids or get to hunt the white dragon. Mostly the big end game stuff and events that happen at certain times. Only thing I can remember doing, is sitting around in a castle every Saturday to win something (I can't even remember what that was.)

5. I have one Ace card and well.......several blank cards it seems. Are there any talents (other then Merlin) that are interesting to try out in case I wish to alt?

Anyways, I apologies for all the question. None of them need to be answered but I do appreciate anyone who takes the time to answer a few of them.

Anyways, until then.




  • CeuiCeui
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    To my knowledge, Elves are the best race for single target dps. By stacking Vision of Ladeca, Final Shot and spamming Magnum Shot allows you to deal insane damage very quickly. This is all I can say about this because I'm not an expert on this topic.

    Human generally lean towards melee combat due to the fact that they have access to Final Hit. But now with Chain Slasher out, I've been seeing more people change their gear (mostly reforges) to complement the new talent. Chain slasher has overloaded kit with high damage multiplier on skills, damage steroid, decent single target damage and several great AoE abilities. I strongly recommend trying it out. Cutthroat Chain Blade, the second strongest chain blade has much cheaper repair than beam swords and will last for a very long time.

    Hope it helps.
  • LunarxpherLunarxpher
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    1. Since chains is a mix of Dex and Luck, elves can do fairly nice chunk of damage with it. Aside from that, you can always go with spamming lightning rod every now and then when it's off it's 15-20 second cool down. Though I think elves shrine the most using Vision of Ladeca with Mag spam.

    2. Any skills/talents would be a good source of str. Example: Lance, Ninja, and Carpentry.

    2a. Endgame weapons would be CRKs. Though Pilgrim Swords would be a good place to start. Just have to make them is the issue since girg mats.

    2b. Like I said in 2, anything that gives str is a good start. As for a support talent, bard is good with all the buffs. Chainblade is another good way to go although it doesn't use str so damage may be lacking in the beginning.

    3. Holy Water is about 40-60k a stack last I checked. If you're doing saga 1 dailies, you can just do the easier ones like 7 or 10 and save the boxes. Opening the boxes on the day it counts as daily will give you the daily bonus. Usually I do saga 1 ep 10 on 2 characters and open boxes on Friday-Sunday. Aside from that, if you have rank 9 magic craft or engineering, getting into the market for selling Hillwen Alloy and Intact Shyllien is good too. About 500k a stack.

    4. You're talking about the Rath Royal Castle Banquet. As for getting into raids, just go to the raid area and there'll be some people there killing said raid bosses. If by raid bosses you mean by Apostle raids, Girg, Zebach, and Hasidim, would recommend doing daily orders and training crusader skills first. Same with unlocking and training subskills.

    5. Since rebirths no longer use character cards, the ace card is useless unless you plan to make a new character in a specific ace talent. Hero/Elite Hero have requirements to use but come with some skills ranked and Ace specific skills. Example: Snap cast meteor for Merlin, Encore for Soul Star, Hydra for Vates, Catering for Culinary Artist, and Crisis Escape for Treasure Hunter. You can get the skills as is but some will be more tedious than others.

    If you need help or have any question, let me know. Usually on either my human or elf.