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[NAB] Shadow Mission got forfeited

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edited November 6, 2018 in Archived Bugs

Alexina sever

I got disconnected after receiving a shadow mission for a G9 quest and is now unable to proceed with the quest. I couldn't re-enter the dungeon to retake the quest since the item that I should drop is gone. The NPC that first gave me the item is not giving me another one since I am already done with that part of the quest. What should I do?


  • LuluinaLuluina
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    edited November 6, 2018
    One of the missions (the one with a shadow mission icon) in my G9 questline got forfeited during my disconnection, making me unable to complete the quest.3djkzyX
  • JazmynJazmyn
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    From the Wiki: If you somehow lose both the Necklace and the Shadow Mission, go to Collen at the Church in Taillteann for another.

    ^ Have you tried this?
  • KensamaofmariKensamaofmari
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    Are you doing Saga at the same time? Isn't there a restriction on shadow realm if saga is active?
  • KatherzKatherz
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    Please submit a support ticket for help on the issue: