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Ideas for Fighter

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Chain 2: Right and Left Hook
The player swings right and left at the enemy's head, there is a chance to blind the enemy where they cannot act while blinded.
Rank 1: Damage: 650% Cooldown: 20 Seconds Effect chance: 80% Blind duration: 30 seconds. Similar to sandblast a blinded enemy will not attack back (except for instinctive reaction) however, being attacked will not remove the effect until the duration ends. The effect can only be applied once per enemy (similar to Somersault Kick).

Focus Will:
A passive ability. When using a chain skill there is a chance this will trigger. Upon triggering all chain 1 skills on cool down can be immediately used again.
Rank 1: Chance of triggering: 30%

Meteor Kick
The player channels their will power into a devastating attack. They leap into the air and drop into the ground releasing their energy.
Rank 1: Damage: 1600%, Fully charged bonus: x2. Cool down 5 mins. Linear Radius 350, Range 800. Takes 5 seconds to fully charge.