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Getting big damage w/ chains

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edited December 4, 2018 in Help
So I want to figure out why I can’t seem to breach 15k chain impales.

According to everywhere I read at rank 1 masteries and rank 1 chain impale I should be hitting at least 150-300k a hit without Death Mark or Chain Burst.

I’m sitting at about 900 dex, have a full budget enchant set for max damage (Oblivion Dexterity, Expansive, etc) I am currently using a S3 R Cuthroat Chain with level 10 chain impail max reforge but again I would think id be at least halfway to the supposed ‘normal’ chain damage?

What am I doing wrong?


  • BobbioBobbio
    Mabinogi Rep: 750
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    No idea who's telling you you'd be hitting 150k-300k. Probably watched the korean video of a person hitting chain impale for 100k normal and 300k crits. However the reason for that was probably due to a red 7 chain blade, bone chip, very good bfo, master of support shot title which adds +100% to melee damage which he would switch to bow to shot and than switch back and chain impale, death mark dan 3 would add like 23% damage which would be without the potential of reforges. Then you can add a chain impale reforge to the gloves and chain reforge to the chain blade to increase max damage.

    Basically there's way to many factors and no idea who told you that you'd be hitting 150k, i personally have never even seen someone hit that much with chain impale, though i'm pretty sure its possible with all the varying reforges, but that'd be when you're basically done with the game and have all the best possible gear you could have l0l.
  • TolnaTolna
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    edited December 5, 2018
    Bobbio wrote: »
    No idea who's telling you you'd be hitting 150k-300k.

    I noted several forum goers mentioned around 100-400k the norm endgame in that big “Future Giant Update and G22” thread. And a few others with unhelpful but maybe accurate “lol 500k chain crits” remarks.

    Mabination doesnt even exist anymore so resources are scarce.

    Other than that all I had to go on was people in game I’ve talked too. And at most I got was an “I dunno” even from elite players on Tarlach.

    Either way it seems first I gotta get a S 7 chainblade, and then work on capping dex and luck. Then go from there.

    Thanks for the insight Bobbio!