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Is the reforge event bugged?

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in General Chat
Or are the group of people I've talked to just really unlucky.

So last time we had this reforge event myself, and many others all said getting items to rank 1 took only a handful of plus reforge tools. I got 5 items to r1 with 40 plus tools, and several other people I asked all said about the same, 10 ish plus tools for r1. However I asked those same people about this event, everyone I've talked to has had pretty terrible luck (I've used 40 plus tools, and 50 regulars and my hat is rank 2). Since I've only asked a few people and it could be a really unlucky streak decided I'd post here and gather opinions before making a bug report.

Have the people here had luck reforging with this event going on? To me it honestly feels like trying to reforge without an event.


  • PolicromaPolicroma
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    I got R1 easy enough, but it took me like 15 crednes to get anything other than 2-line after I did that. (Seriously, it just gave me 2 line over and over and over again, to the point that I was wondering if I'd bought the wrong reforge.) And then it finally 3-lined and with those kind of odds I was wondering if I should be going to an ATM and trying for some sort of "bad beat" prize at a casino. (The odds of losing as a "bad beat" are so low that the local casinos around here will usually give you a crazy prize if you lose that way.)

    Anyway, reforges are designed to separate us from as much money as possible. Take it for what it is, set yourself on a budget, and try not to read too much into it. Only managed a mere 14 magnum on my Bohemian flower bands. Better luck next time I suppose.
  • NeyheshiNeyheshi
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    edited December 16, 2018
    Better odds than mine. I only got one item to r1 with 30 Reforge Plus reforges...
  • asnscorpioasnscorpio
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    I would say that it's like enchanting on high ranks or stone upgrades and how many attempts you will have to obtain such. Reforge's are an added bonus atop of obtaining one shouldn't be too easy unfortunately. This is where people have problems as it becomes a fund sink game to get some of the better stat items.

    Best of luck with the rest of it.