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Food no longer gives semi-permanent Dex & Luck

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edited January 2, 2019 in Incomplete Bugs
After consuming what seems to have been 1000+ Hazelnuts, I have never received and single semi-permanent Luck or Dex stat. after discussing with RRM and testing with other foods that have given Dex in the past. I have found that Dex and Luck can no longer be increase with food to again an semi-permanent stat. This is the stat is reset when you rebirth as well as related to Hunger for reference.


  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    Just Dex and Luck?

    Why wouldn't this also affect other semi-perm stats from foods?

    Just to be sure, you weren't eating them when you weren't actually hungry, were you? Because those foods only give progress towards stats if you don't hit max hunger from eating them.
    It's hard to get hungry nowadays, what with how easy it is to level up, rebirth, and also with how changing channels fills your hp/mp/sp bars a bit.
  • bunsundthighsbunsundthighs
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    Correct just Dex and Luck. All other stats do receive a change for different variations of food (Str, Int, will, Hp, Mp, Sp) and I tested with all relative foods available. Since I hit 40k, I spend my days AFKing with meditation up so my hunger is typically 60-70% when I start to consume different variations of food. I also tested whether weight was a factor at max weight, middle and min but no of them produced semi-perm stats for Dex and Luck.