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In dire need of help!

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in Ruairi Chat
So I’ve been trying for about 6 days now to catch a thunderstorm in Rano and it seems to almost NEVER happen. I’m not able to stay on all day long because I have a job so certain hours I can’t. But at first I was just going to Rano about every hour to check the weather on the travelers guide for the time that I was on. Now it’s to the point where I’m literally just sitting in Rano afk with the travelers guide up not even playing the game. I am wondering if anyone has a sketch I can buy off of them I’ve looked everywhere and asked everyone and they don’t seem to be anywhere. I really rather play the game than just spend what time I do have staring at a weather forcast just in case I miss it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


  • Elf_sanElf_san
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    edited January 11, 2019
    What is your character's name? I'll send a sketch if i catch a thunderstorm (happens often to me)

    Edit: there are lots of sketches on AH
  • jewelminakojewelminako
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    Not sure if you are still in need of a sketch - I am selling some in Dunbarton, Ch. 1.
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