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Returning Player. Where do most people hang out?

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in Mari Chat
As the title states, I am returning after a few years of hiatus. Long time player and I am hoping to get back into the community, find some friends and a guild to do content with. However, it seems most cities that people use to hang out in are all completely empty now. So is there a new place the majority of the community hangs out at and on what channels? 2, 5, and 7 seem to be what I found on the forums but I cannot find where everyone is at.


  • KousukeKiraKousukeKira
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    edited January 10, 2019
    There's no such thing as "everyone at". Some people in Dunby and some in Belvast, mostly on channel 1. Population died down. I was shocked too when I returned after a hiatus.

    Even the forums are pretty dead nowadays. I hope there will be a sever merge soon.
  • Jay64Jay64
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    hey welcome back to mabi both of you. For the most part, if youre looking for places to find people at Tir and Dunby are the 2 places to go to. Because of the release of G22, most people are running around completing quests and new content. But I hope to see you around sometime
  • AtaraxizAtaraxiz
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    As stated earlier, Ch1 is our marketplace now and most people are Dunby, Belv, or Tir. However with the release of Auctioned House people no longer need to afk all day just to make some gold.

    If you need assistance or a guild still, you're welcome to look into Electrolytes. We're currently recruiting and would love to have some new faces join us for the new content!
  • MuaaMuaa
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    Dear Lusts, if you're looking for crowdy spots... only choice is CH.1

    By the server time reset, go to Tailtean and Tara altar and you'l find morning players doing their Tail-Tara dailies and Lord runs along 30 minutes... or wait 5 hs til their friends get back from school-jobs etc to do.. their dailies and lords

    Another spot is Emmain, behind night club.. raiders use to hang there, awaiting for morning hosts, afternoon, evening and night public runs, late night host runs hassi too not only girg

    And for commerce you've Dunby as always and now Belvast but most people pick those places to go afk and look good, or advertice or recruit or enjoy our two gold seller spamers.

    Another way to find players is joining discord channels, good luck with that, (in fact is usefull, are my own prejudices who makes me hate it)

    Regards Muaa~