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Returning Player Looking for Guild

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in Guild and Party Recruitment
Hey! I am returning to this game after not playing for years now. I just started up a new character and am looking to join a guild that can show me the ropes and help me with some tips and tricks! I love running dungeons and the like with people, so a guild that is willing to run dungeons with me is a HUGE plus. My name is Scratchhusky in game, so hit me up there, or on here!


  • AtaraxizAtaraxiz
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    edited January 11, 2019
    Hello! My name is Ataraxiz and I run the Electrolytes guild with my team!

    Our guild has a lot of benefits, including a very active playerbase and active Discord. Plenty of us would love to teach you and join you for runs as you work forward in your Mabinogi Adventure. I'll leave you a link to our forum post and add you ingame, as well as leave you a note to explain who I am if you haven't yet seen this message.

    I hope to see you soon and that you'll consider joining our guild!