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[FWD]Field Zone Bug Permanently Prevents Summoning

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edited March 4, 2019 in Forwarded Bugs

I am detailing this issue as "Sophiedela" of Tarlach Server.

What is the issue?
I am unable to summon any pets/partners anywhere on the entire playing maps of Uladh or Iria or Belvast within a certain channel -- the channel of the initial Avalon Raid location of Mokkurkalfi -- due to a glitch involving Field Raid Zones of Avalon.

What steps must be taken for us to recreate the issue?
-Begin an Avalon Raid as normal, choosing your role and engaging the monster.
-Fight until the monster dies and see if the "Redoubled Offensive" Technique activates on last hit.
-If it does, no rewards will be given in addition to the game still registering the character as participating in the Raid, with a timer still on display.
-Change channels after this and return to the initial channel of the Raid; the timer should no longer be present, the message explaining the prohibition of summons due to Field Raid Zone Restrictions should appear each time a pet summon is attempted regardless of location in the game.

What do you expect to happen instead?
-Killing any Raid Boss with a blow that triggered the "Redoubled Offensive" Technique to not cause finishing issues with participants.

Here is an example of me attempting to summon a pet while in Berg Mesa and being prohibited from doing so long after exiting the Avalon Raid Zone of Mokkurkalfi due to its death:

(Here is a link, in case image is broken:


EDIT: I attempted to replicate the issue as I had typed it out the first time. The results were that I was still able to summon my pets. It seems as if I left out something else important regarding this bug, so I edited the layout to achieving it to include entering the homestead (I assumed that the homestead had nothing to do with it). Gong to try it again another time to see if I can replicate the issue.

EDIT TWO: It seems as if the server reset fixed everything on its own. Still going to investigate this later on with alts.

EDIT THREE: Kneeshot of Tarlach pieced it together and figured out that the "Redoubled Offensive" Technique is what was causing the issue to where if someone finished the monster with its effect, then (I would guess) all people using the technique experienced this issue.
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  • Narutofire18Narutofire18
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,125
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    Bumping this that yes, Redoubled Offensive ("reaper") creates a number of issues with Avalon Raids (though does not seem to affect Iria Raids).
    This includes, but is not limited to:
    a) preventing further Raids from spawning during a short time frame
    b) causing the raid to register as Failed when the boss is killed, thus preventing distribution of rewards
    c) temporarily preventing Contribution from being accumulated for various other players (or self) for the raid
    d) the above-mentioned pet summoning bug

    Fight an Avalon Raid with Redoubled Offensive active.

    What should happen?
    The various aforementioned bugs shouldn't happen. Raids should spawn normally even if the previous rotation was killed by reaper. Rewards should be distributed, and the raid counted as successful, even if reaper takes the kill. Contribution should not temporarily be unobtainable. Pets should be able to be summoned once the raid (and thus the Field Zone) has concluded.
  • DangerousDitchDangerousDitch
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    Just noting, I was able to submit word of this bug (Redoubled Offensive's effect on raid completion) via ticket and had it acknowledged successfully, so I would note that Devs are aware, even if they havent replied as such in the forums.
  • TotokeTotoke
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    edited March 3, 2019
    It's possible(at least my theory), that this occurs due to the fact that there's a line of code built in the raids that prevents the bosses having a finish(needs to adjust to consider all possible ways of death). Older raids have a finish rule so their hp doesn't go poof immediately. In terms of rewards, they probably have a code condition going something like " distribute reward if hp <= 0 ". However. due to the fact that there's no finish allowed and that everything disappears the second it reaches 0, this becomes a complicated issue. Now apply reaper to this situation, say slyv drago has 1% hp left, lets say a player with reaper does initial damage that wouldn't kill it, but the reaper damage does. Reaper-chan not only doesn't register as a player/status effect, but it fulfills the line that the hp reached <=0, -sets off the non-finish line- = everything poofs, but fails to recognize that it was killed by a player so the raid cannot finish. Reward distribution code is interesting in this aspect since it's been known to distribute to a random few.

    If they tweak the non-finish code, it'll probably work

    TL:DR: Raid mobs don't die, reaper-chan gives a server-wide blacklist to that raid

  • GMMewlynneGMMewlynne
    Mabinogi Rep: 1,765
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    Member, Nexon
    Hi there, thank you all for your reports. The 'Redoubled Offensive' bug has been forwarded here for your reference; [FWD][Redoubled Offensive] Glitches Raid