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Mysterious Permanent Equipment Coupon Question

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edited January 19, 2019 in General Chat
I'm baffled on what this is used for. I mean, wiki is about as helpful as a rock in sinking boat.

I've tired to use this Coupon on few items already IE 90 day tails "No items available for exchange" ok ok.... how about some 30 day support puppet Neamhain (nope) Morrighan (nope) Macha (nope) "No items available for exchange"

I'm not popping anymore coupons cause everything I did pop is on a timer now -____-;

Thoughts ?


  • ArjuneArjune
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    edited January 19, 2019
    I know it works if you use it on the 90 day tails.... you need to not have it equipped when you're trying to exchange it. I don't think it does work on anything else .... most things either have their own specific coupon used to make it permanent or can't be made permanent. I think it was originally made just for the tails, and there was such a huge backlash about temporary tails that they stopped bringing them out (Korea still gets 90 day versions of almost every tail that comes out) and what makes it worse is the coupons are still in the eweca orb last I remember. That means they're selling us now obsolete coupons and not releasing items for us to use them on. They refuse to even re-release the original few temporary timed tails from before :/ I'm currently holding onto 3 of the mysterious permanent equipment coupons myself. Nothing to use them on because the 90 day cat tail I had before expired and instead of becoming an expired item I could use the coupon on, it deleted itself. so yeah... I'm not exactly happy with how Nexon handled / is handling this particular thing
  • IyasenuIyasenu
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    I think the support puppets it could be used on would be the same ones that this coupon would work on:

    I.e. the expiring support puppets from this past sale:

    Which probably don't exist in their expiring forms, unless someone kept a hold of the packages in their shop inventory.