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in Ruairi Chat
How do I kill it for the story quest? I heard you can cheese it but I don't know how.


  • LeineiLeinei
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    You have to lure it near the pillars with the red circles around their bases and then destroy the pillar when they're near them. This lowers their defensive abilities and allows you to damage them.
  • KaibaAkayukiKaibaAkayuki
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    Abuse the I-frames in Chain slash moves. the one where you jump into the air has I-frames when your in the air so you take no dmg. Anchor Rush has them during movement. Or you can go Old School and throw a paper airplane.
  • TheAkiTheAki
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    So like I have slammed the pillars down on her, I have did all the fight asked me too but she still continues to have 2 whole bars of health and does intense amounts of damage. Is this fight messed up? I seen in the video it said it should halve her health to just 1 red bar. But mine keeps sitting at 2 even after the pillar drops on her.
  • KazumaTsunoKazumaTsuno
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    I tried to let Nexon NA know of this issue but they wouldn't listen even when I sent them a video of what the fight looks like. Tehy only repeated any times "Tagar is not broken nor bugged. We suggest you get stronger and try again." Sad when a studio who runs games will not listen to a problem nor seem to pay attention to the forum posts on it.