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Selling/Buying List

Mabinogi Rep: 1,500
Posts: 35
in Tarlach Marketplace
If you see the item still on this page I'm still selling/buying it
L = leg
O= Outfit
A = Arm
H = Head
W = Weapon
S+ = Full original durability
SE = Full original durability and Enchanted
A = Durability reduction 1~5
F = Durability reduction 1/1

All prices are based on AH trends and averaged / Items with no AH history are tagged as -Open to Offers-

If you have a request for a old pre g15 item ask and I'll see if I have it.


Bell Fox set (F) 5m
(L,O,A,H) (S+)

Romantic Straw Hat 5m
(H) (S+)

Dragon Slasher | Open to Offers
(SE) (16 Dur) Prefix Fox Suffix Violent

Viseo's Bronze Mirror Blade | 10m or best offer
(SE) (12 Dur) Prefix none Suffix Icicle


Breastplate Armor | AH price
(S+) - (S) Clean

More to be listed later ~