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How to dye a Belisha Support Puppet?

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in General Chat
I see colorful ones all the time but as I try neither usual dyes nor direct dye ampules "see" her.
I have the kind we fished for about 2 or 3 years ago.


  • ArjuneArjune
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    edited February 6, 2019
    That's weird... she should be dyeable, but if you bought her from that sale where you had to make her permanent from the fished up coupon then she probably has a different item ID than the other Belisha support puppets from gachapons. She also probably doesn't have the lame 2 hour activation timer that the other Belishas all have, though I could be wrong about that. I never got that version of Belisha

    It's possible that they simply forgot to make that version dyeable or didn't plan for that version to be dyeable

    You could set up a bug report thread for this in Bugs & Glitches forum and see what happens. You'll have to provide more info there though like screenshots of it not showing up for dying, exactly which version she is and how she was obtained, and your username/server
  • TsumikkiTsumikki
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    Thank you. This is curious if so! People were getting quite a bit of puppets from that event so I thought I was doing something wrong. Always forget to buy the puppeteer dye to test this.