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The Returning Milletian

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in Mari Chat
Hi, ingame main is Railcannon. I've been exploring Mabinogi since the first year, and stopped playing back when Generation 15 was released. A few years later and here I am, screwing around since my return in January.

A return I am heavily thankful for due to the tireless efforts of account debugging/restoration. Thank you to the GMs for your hard work.

Well, it's been a month now and I've finished every Generation quest from where I left off to G22. (For those of you who haven't finished G22 yet, it's gonna be a brutal final battle. Bring Nao stones.)

I'm, in need of some help. A few kind players gave me some Dark Knight armor, a few training potions, and one very kind player shared a couple nice weapons with me!

I've been running on fumes as of late though, and I have less than 20K in my bank. If anyone is interested in bringing me along for some Baltane or Theatre or Shadow or, well really any kind of missions or runs or raids, please drop me a line and ask me to join. I got R1 Party Healing and almost all Music skills R1 (Dance of Death is gonna be the end of me...) so, I may be really rusty, but please bring me along.

If you can invite me, or at least donate a few things like Inventory bags (I got a Rose Tia and a Blaanid Doll bag...) I'd appreciate it in a huge way. Add me, note me, contact me and give an old veteran a kick in the shins to scrape off some rust and get me back into the groove. (Really though, inventory space is getting bad...)


  • AtaraxizAtaraxiz
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    Hello! Welcome back to Mabi!

    My name is Ataraxiz but most call me Ata or Al for short. I run a highly active and casual guild called Electrolytes on our server. If you're ever looking for people to hang out with and do runs just look for anyone with our guild name! We can hook you up!

    Feel free to add me or find me in game on Ch5! I don't mind helping a veteran improve with all of the new content!