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edited February 21, 2019 in Help
How to kill that violent nied?
Im 5.5k lvl
Plz help me :/


  • JJJJ
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    Chaincast Firebolt r1
  • TolnaTolna
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    Demigod + Wings of Eclips helps a lot. You can actually dodge his attacks for the most part assuming you react fast and/or are a non-human.

    Anything ranged tends to work best since you won’t have to worry about his tail whip attack.

    He has a lot of HP but only really 2 attacks although he can rarily use smash, if he does, run as it will most likely hit over 1000.

    Divine link can be okay but the pet will most likely die quickly from the “Fireball” spam Nied does so I didn’t bother.

    Just try to take your time and not worry about how fast he goes down.