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Recruiting for Explorer/Traveller Guild

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edited February 28, 2019 in Guild and Party Recruitment
Not sure whichever is up for grabs guild name wise yet, but...

WELCOME SCUMS OF THE DEEP, weebs, filthy goons of this server, or the small percentage of people who don't completely violate my eyeballs every time I login to Mabinogi, lmao.

First things first to get up front with this recruitment, I am only looking for people who can actually qualify under my requirements to even start the guild, I am not looking for cesspool, scum drinking, dirt bags who I obviously have no care for if they want to or have some phony reason to think they do.

Now that is out of the way, my main focus on making this guild is for a purpose and several personal reasons.
1. I want this guild to embody, for all members who can join it the name of this guild, I do not mind if you want companionship, a group to come and talk with, cause I know full well how lonely it can be playing this game without any companionship most of the time. (Which in this case for me is a lot of the time.)
2. I want this guild to showcase what it means to actually means to build a guild (if I can even find people who qualify to make it to begin with). I have already a personal disdain with these damn funky guild descriptions almost sounding always the same, but they got this almost laughable guild name to go alongside with it. It'll be like some <Weebtrash = Guild Name, 'WE ARE FAMILY, AND WE DO: Shadow Missions, Elites, Lords, Raids, etc.' = Guild Description> Ya no holmes, I'm trying to make the guild name alongside with the purpose of it's existence, lmao.
3. As it's listed Explorer/Traveller, I am looking for people who can live up to this name in-game or even in personality (which in that case would still go hand and hand with what they would do on Mabinogi I would hope to assume.) I am not expecting anyone, especially if they know me on Mabinogi to be up to my level as someone who lives up to this title as an embodiment even. I only expect someone who has a open mind to trying things when they can, not idling excessively unless IRL circumstances calls for it obviously, and people who can most of all could always be down to exploring or travelling in-game with fellow guild mates or even strangers in-game unless something else urgent is needed to be done foremost.
4. My main purpose in a sense with this case alongside with having the intention of a meaningful guild, is to encourage in any case anyone whose joined wants to leave the guild, is to at least have the sentiment to carry a message to others in-game that doing all this idling non-sense excessively is pointless and is better off if they just logged off, lmao, or in other words, play the game and don't just do nothing.'

I am open to any notes for application towards to the guild creation/joining in general via in-game. My username is as my forum name, Walkerr. When sending a application for the guild, just list a reason and a time/date available for a interview so I can personally ask some questions or do a test of sorts in-game as to see if I'll allow a pass or not into my guild.

Thanks for anyone who read this far, I hope to see some refreshing things when reading through any applications through the notes I'll receive.
That's about all I gotta say for now, ADVENTURE ON HOLMES.
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