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Taming Revamp

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Seeing a bunch of revamp threads lately, so why not give my two cents to this?

Taming right now is barely useful and I see almost no one use it other than for completionist's sake for that journal. What are the results of using it? Wasted materials and filled inventory space just for a light buff and stopping a potential mob from attacking with a touch of comedy for seducing a succubus with no permanent stat benefits other than from the Adventurer Talent stuff and a title at the end of slogging through a skill, that's pretty much it.

There should honestly be more use for the tamed things. Anywhere from acting like temporary pets and helping you fight and use skills on you would be great, but I'm thinking more of having the tamed things stick around for longer.

You could have a Taming item that you could make with Handicraft (Toss in some more use for that.). Making various whistles that can be used for a set duration depending on taming skill (1 hour IRL per each rank you have in the skill? That way there's 16 hours including Novice, and at Mastery of the taming skill it turns into a full 24 hours with the title.) The only thing is that they'd replace a pet when they're summoned and the whistle only lasts for the set amount of time and can only hold a tamed thing of that Rank. IE; Rank Novice/F would be a whistle crafted with Branches or something, while Rank E would use Firewood and so on. The whistles couldn't be sold, given that you yourself tamed them. You could use the whistle while you have a tamed thing and have it basically have them on-call and can summon/desummon them for the duration. The whistle would probably take up a 1x2 area in the inventory.

But the true draw for Taming to get used more, even if a little, would probably be to add stats increases to its rank-ups. Hp, Luck, something fitting to it would be great for people who want to increase those stats more. Starting at Rank A, you could get +1 Luck and have Hp go up like with the other Adventuring skills.

Also, update the taming bait icons. Since more than half share the same icon. At least change the colours for them.

There could even be more specific-use bait, such as animal feed that could make animals have higher stats for the Companion Bonus given to you or have the duration last longer. Cake to help Succubi be seduced better.


  • THICCthighssavelivesTHICCthighssavelives
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    So a tamed pet would be a temporary pet with a 16 hour to 24 hour summon time, having all the functionality of a pet?
  • GTCvActiumGTCvActium
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    How about an actual "Taming" talent. Basically using skills to summon and direct beasts that you've tamed and collected into your taming journal. I envision this talent to be a support talent where in the user summons different beasts to match the current situation and party composition. For example summoning elemental sprites increases charge speed and damage of magic/alchemy cast in that element. A bear would increase damage of near-by allies and succubus will provide party healing effects. At Rank F you only have 1 summon but at Rank 1 you can have up to 6. When equipped with a taming cane and a beast summoned, when you right click a monster, instead of you attacking its your beast, you have skills like beast smash, beast stomp (basically windmill) and some support skills similar to music buff skills but only apply to your summons, so skills that increase regen rate, damage, attack speed, etc. The Ultimate Skill would be "The big march of animal" where it gathers up all of your summons and have them charge forward for 2000 distance (width 500) that sums all of their damage * 900%, it'd be similar to puppet's climatic clash. There would be different types of beasts: Offensive, Defensive, and Support. Offensive beasts will have higher attack and their skills will have better multipliers, Defensive pets will have base regeneration, heavy standers, and have a similar effect to link where in aggro get directed to them instead of the player. Support beasts will provide a buff of sorts depending on what beast it is.
  • HelsaHelsa
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    Two quick boosts they could implement to make taming more of a consideration are:
    1: The creature remains until dead or deliberately dismissed.
    2: The creature travels with you to other maps, whether by walking or warping and is not dismissed even if summoned from a dungeon, SM, TM, or what have you. Lore wise you'd need an exception for RP or GX Quests, but then again you could allow that as well, because it'd be kinda fun. :)

    Also, with a little bit more work, they could allow improved ranks to allow more simultaneously summoned creatures; even more with mastery and dans.
  • nomigid15nomigid15
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    Taming changes I'd like to see:

    - Have Boss Room Keys and Treasure Keys drop from tamed monsters (if they don't already).

    - Change the methodology (or at least the animations) for "taming" humanoid (and presumably sapient) Fomorians.