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New Story Section

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edited February 8, 2017 in Story Discussion
Hey Milletians!

This brand new section is for you to discuss the Mabinogi story line! Are you curious about certain aspects of the story? Did you rush through a certain part of the story and now you have questions? Do you have feedback about the story, or maybe you just want to comment about how much you loved a certain part of the game... Well this is the place for you! Not only will this section help you, it will help US improve the game as well!

Thank you and enjoy!


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    The initial Vindictus x Mabinogi connection before Vindictus went haywire. I know they were initially tying Mabi and Vindictus together with the name reference at Zardine/Glas's cut-off wing. I still don't understand how Morrighan and Cichol's backstory about the soulstream in G15 fits in all that.