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Animation lock with Elven ranged skills

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edited March 24, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches
...Ranged Attack and Support Shot, to be more precise, this has been an issue for years.

How to reproduce:
1. Fire a basic Ranged Attack
2. immediately start another Ranged Attack / Support Shot and wait for the aiming animation to begin (you can hear the sound of the bowstring being pulled if you listen closely)
3. Click like your life depends on it, try it!

Demonstration Video:

You can see here that if I fire before the animation begins, there is no issue, but if I wait for the animation to begin and click like my life depends on it, I can't fire!
(You can tell I'm clicking by the fact that the indicator on the enemy is twitching)

IGN: XElsie
Server: Tarlach