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20 GM Journal Entry isn't working.

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edited March 31, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches
My character is Zairak, from the Tarlach Server.

Recently finished getting 20 Grandmaster Talents, but the Journal did not update, per the following picture:


To recreate the issue, you would need to get at least 15 Grandmaster Talents on a single character.

At that point, the 20 Grandmaster achievement should show up at the bottom of the 'Savvy' tab of the Journal, grayed out, so that you know what to work towards next.

It does not, as you can see, even after actually getting 20 Grandmaster Talents.

I'm not sure why this would be; Maybe it's just not recognising the order of unlockable entries in there, or maybe someone forgot to put the 20 GM entry in when Chain Slash came out, though if the latter is the case, I'm not sure what those 50 points would be.

The points had been scaling in sets of 10 per entry, from 20 points for 5 GMs, to 30 points for 10 GMs, to 40 points for 15 GMs, as you can see in the picture above, to what I would assume to be 50 points for 20 GMs, which is exactly the amount missing. Everything points to it already being in-game, but it's not activating.


  • ZarricZarric
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    Gonna bump this up, as it's still an existing issue with the game rather than make a new thread.

    Nothing dealing with obtaining the 20th Grandmaster talent works correctly still, and its missing Journal points that a good number of us could have.


    Zarric of Nao