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[NAB]Gold Disappearing

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edited May 13, 2019 in Archived Bugs
Hi there! This seemed like the best place to put this, but I've noticed gold disappearing over the course of today. When I logged in, two of my wallets were full, and another was growing. This was a total of 101K or so. Later I checked again and found I only had one full wallet and two empty ones (50K). Later still, after being disconnected in a dungeon, I found I had only 32K or so! What gives?! Character's name is Tzarina. Two wallets are kept in her bag, if that helps explain things. No screenshots are available, since each time it was a surprise.


  • FedoraDanFedoraDan
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    Hey there, this issue seems to be the cause of the logout penalty. This penalty will deduct some Gold and EXP earned if logging off or changing channels within 30 seconds of combat, or five minutes after entering a dungeon. So if you were disconnected during a Dungeon for whatever reason its very likely your gold was deducted from the logout penalty. Hope that helps!