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Long-time player returning (To another server)

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in Mari Chat
Hello all! I'll try to keep this as short as possible but essentially, I've played Mabi on and off since the game first hit NA, and originally played on the Mari server for the longest time as an unknown human, then a sort-of-known elf that went by Tsukasakite (Yes I know, shameful weeaboo days obsessing over .hack anime series were STRONG). A little over a year ago I came back back, but after returning to check on the game I was incredibly distraught by how lifeless the game and my home server had become, and decided to start fresh on Alexina. I didn't stick around long with no friends and such to play with, since the game didn't feel the same.

After seeing the new updates, I've decided to just enjoy the game regardless of how much of a shell of it's golden days it is. I'm posting on the Mari forum to reach out and see if anyone who remembers me still plays, and if so encouraging you to reach out and add my Alexina character Meekachu. While we may not be able to do stuff together, I'd love to catch up with old friends if any of you geezers are still out there as well.

To anyone that may play on multiple servers and drops in on Alexina from time to time, if you see me around, feel free to say hi and chat about whatever if I'm not afk.I'll be looking for people to regularly do dailies with and such.

IGN : Meekachu (Same as my forum name)


  • HisahimeHisahime
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    Have fun on Alexina server! I hope you enjoy it over there :)