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Selling Weapons an Armors

Mabinogi Rep: 500
Posts: 3
in Tarlach Marketplace
Im Selling
Black Dragon Knight Sword 1.2m
2 x Focused Blue Beam Sword each 500k
Black Star Dual Gun 1m
Devil Costume (M) 2m
5 x Ogres Fine Letter of Guarantee (90% more Ducats) each 500k
Tulip Umbrella 350k
Fledgling Assassin Wig (M) 750k
Reapers Gloves (M) 300k
Bohemian Wear (M) 80k
Krutta Broadsword 800k

Hmu if u need Something

p.s Prices are debatable. I may go down with the prices Max 100-200k