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Mabinogi Rep: 720
Posts: 15
in Art Creations

Discord: Aisufurawa#8130
Mabinogi IGN: Utakamo
Instagram: oneye_arts
Pls don't comment here because due to work I dont check the forums often! Its easier to reach me on discord

~ Prices ~

Chibis- $5/3.5mil

Halfbody - $8/7mil

Fullbody- $13/9.5mil

Extra characters in an image cost $3/500k

Please pay AFTER i finish a sketch of your image so that there is no issues with refunds and such! And be ready to pay, do not order from me if you can't afford it :c

Commission Info:

Price rises based on character complexity so please keep that in mind also. I only accept USD paypal and nothing else, i will refuse if you offer game cards, merch or anything that is not direct paypal payments. If you wish to pay before i start your commission that is allowed but the time frame for me finishing is around 2-4 days due to work and health issues. I will keep you updated on progress or you're more than welcome to ask me whenever.

If i am unable to finish your commission i will tell you ahead of time unless something urgent has kept me away from social media.

Commission rules

Tell me if you are paying in GOLD or PAYPAL! I do not accept mixed payments(I only accept gold from the Tarlach server!!)

Trades are very iffy so if you are offering to trade for art the item needs to have equal value to the image your ordering!

If you are having me draw a mabi character PLEASE tell me the gear you are wearing!!

I will give you a price based on your characters complexity; it can range from the regular price or go a bit higher depending on details so dont fret if the price is too much.

I do not draw armor! Due to carpel tunnel I try to limit the amount of detail I put into my work but I still make sure its top quality