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Mana Regen With R1 Melody Not Working

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in Bugs and Glitches
I have done Encore + Melody and it still doesn't give mana faster it is a 533% while stamina has already been refilled.
This seems like a bug I have to do inspiration to get any mana back doing meditation gives literally the same as if I sat down and rested.
Image Proof
Proof of melody not working by images I have sat there for the duration almost waiting for mana back.
Gif proof
Before something was broken it is clearly I was able to get my mana almost full the moment I casted this skill with meditation even on it doesn't this is considered a bug in my eyes Idk if this is a new function to make us use inspiration but literally the music buff doesn't work and meditation then this is a concern for future reference.
  1. Is this a bug?4 votes
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       50% (2 votes)
    2. No
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  • NemurikoAlexinaNemurikoAlexina
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    Mana regenerates much much slower during the day (6am-6pm in-game time). Try using it at night, it should regenerate quickly.