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Is there a way, I can play Mabinogi on my Macbook?


  • GretaGreta
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  • KttyKtty
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    edited May 10, 2019
    Bronzezen wrote: »
    Is there a way, I can play Mabinogi on my Macbook?

    Mabi is windows only. To play on a Mac you need to run windows on it and install/play the game in windows. Macs can be setup to dual-boot OSX and windows. You will need a valid copy of windows to install on it though. A simple search of the net will provide millions of how-to's on accomplishing this.
  • LutetiumLutetium
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    You'll need a copy of windows, probably 10, and use bootcamp to set up a dual boot then you'll be able to boot into the windows installation instead of OS X and play Mabinogi on it. There are no binaries for Mabinogi for OS X or Linux so your only option is to use windows to play it.
    I don't think the ToS particularly allows you to use a virtual machine either, so I wouldn't suggest doing that unless a GM responds to this thread and says otherwise. The game's performance would by hampered immensely by any virtualization software available on OS X and would suffer on a laptop from not having a dedicated graphics card passed through anyways so setting up bootcamp dual booting and loading the windows install is the superior option for you regardless.
    I can't walk you through setting up bootcamp or installing windows in it since I don't buy apple products personally, but I'm certain many comprehensive tutorials can be found on your internet search engine of choice; From that point you would simply download and install Mabinogi on your windows install as you would any normal laptop with a working keyboard, screen, and USB type A ports running windows.

    Personally I use, and would suggest to anyone else with this problem, a separate computer to play Mabinogi and use other essential to my work windows software such as "Honey Select" and "Rain Meter" as I use Linux on my primary workstation. I would not expect there to ever be a Mabinogi client for OS X or Linux since most of it is uncommented spaghetti code and effectively a blackbox disaster inherited to the current developers so porting it to OpenGL or Vulkan from Direct3D9 and using other non-win32 APIs would likely be completely impossible for them short of programming a new client from the ground up. Not to mention NGS.
  • monsterhartmonsterhart
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    Other than installing Windows on your Mac as has been suggested, if you're a programmer you can use the Wine (open source) code to write a Mac program that can read the data of Windows files creating your own Mac version of the game without needing access to the games source code. Wineskin is a (free) program which does this for you so you don't need to be a programmer, just need Wineskin Winery (free) to build the app for you and then use Wineskin in the app to install the game. This doesn't use Windows it uses files that simulate the main parts of Windows so programs can run, but sometimes a program is dependent on less common files which you will need to figure out on your own and download them and add them to the app manually. It's usually dlls and drivers and such which are free and legal to download online. If you Google for "Mabinogi Wineskin" or "Mabinogi Mac Version" it's possible some user has already made one for you to download.

    You could also buy Parallels which allows you to install Windows in a virtual machine so you can be running Windows and Mac simultaneously. You would also need to buy Windows for this one, but it allows you to either have Windows and Mac open on different monitors at the same time from the same machine, or in virtual monitors (ctrl+arrows to switch between them) or inside a window you can minimize/resize/move-around on your Mac desktop, or invisible so that it's in the background and you can just run any Windows software from your Mac desktop. I prefer this one because unlike the Wine method it already has 100% Windows in it so apps will work without having to figure out what files you need. There is also Crossover and a number of other programs in competition to Parallels, I tried a couple of them but Parallels seems to work best for me. Only drawback is that you have to pay for each new major version.