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Early Server Merg Buy/Sell List

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in Tarlach Marketplace
What is up Tarlach players! since we are having the Merg I have somethings I would like to sell/buy.

-Untamed Girgashy Celtic Howling Chain Blade Red Step 6/Rank 1 3Lines/126Max damage(No Artisan)/20+Dur
Chain Blade Max Damage Lvl 16
Chain Blade Max Damage Lvl 7
Chain Crush Silence Lvl 4

-Long Lasting Heroic Lang Armor(M) Rank 1 3 Lines
Final Hit Duration Lvl 17

-10/10 Rank 1 Hebona Set
-Allegory Chorus(Hebona Hat) Rank 1 3 Lines
Bolt Mastery Damage lvl 20
-Solo (Hebona Glove) Rank 1 3 Lines
Blaze Damage lvl 13
Mana Shield Damage Reduction lvl 17
-Solo Hebona Shoes Rank 1 3 Lines
Vivace Magic cast speed Lvl 3
Vivace Alchemy cast speed lvl 3
Fire Efficiency lvl 19

Saint Guardian Glove(M) 3+ Absorp
-Will pay a lot for Wind guard/combat mastery lvl 18+
Note offers to: Akakota


  • KedonoroKedonoro
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    every time I try noting you or adding you, it won't lemme find you q.q