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[NAB]Bug? Oversight? Giant Portia/Shyock Wig/Shoes

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edited May 13, 2019 in Archived Bugs
When they released the Portia and Shylock outfits for giants, they left out the Portia shoes and wig and the same for Shylock. I assumed this was intended, but then when they made Scathach and Bassanio wearable by giants recently they changed over the wigs and earrings and shoes too?! So now I'm confused if Portia/Shylock shoes and wigs were just an oversight by KR or they ignored them on purpose... or maybe we got a bug and they somehow didn't get released here? So my question is were we supposed to get giant wearable Portia/Shylock shoes and wigs or did they release only the outfits as a tide-over for not having giant wearable commerce wear to that point? If it's the latter then please let me know and I'll make a suggestion thread to have them made giant wearable. thanks!

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  • FedoraDanFedoraDan
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    Hey there, currently this is not an bug and is intended, however thank you for bringing this to our attention we will be sure to forward this feedback to see if possibly this could be changed in the future!