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A Finale for our Server

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edited May 25, 2019 in Mari Chat
The time has finally come. Server merge is upon us all. In 2 weeks we will all be merged into Rebirth Mari (Nao). Its been a long time coming and we all have had a fun time playing with just ourselves. Before we share servers with everyone, I want to do a couple of server wide events to end it all. Originally I planned on doing them with my guild but I figured to spread the love a bit.

Jousting Tournament - Noone does this anymore so why not get it started once more. This will take place 5/25 at 2pm PST. It will be a double elimination tournament, so don't feel discouraged if you lose on the first round. To join, sign up on . The tournament will be randomized prior to its start.
Side note, that day is the day of my sister's birthday. It may be possible that I miss my own event this day, but I will try my best to come regardless. If I am absent, rewards will be delivered at the earliest convenience.
Rewards:1st Place 25k NX, 2nd Place 15k NX, 3rd Place 10k NX

Hide and Seek - Easy game of trying to find me. This will take place 6/1 at 6pm PST. 2 rounds of hide and seek with using my new stream as your main source of hints and clues for my whereabouts. Each round consists of 3 winners as well, so 6 total possible winners can take place. 1st place can take any of the 3 rewards, leaving 2nd place choosing the remaining and 3rd place taking whats left. for the twitch
Rewards: 10k NX, A stack of Red Ups, Ancient Monster Core

Guild War - A final Mari Guild war. This will take place 6/2 at 5pm PST. Its been awhile since anyone has challenged anyone for a guild war. So, since this particular one is the last one of Mari and noone is keeping it past Sunday, why not spark a war with everyone here and now? It is all for fun to battle it out with one another before we become Nao.

Its going to be fun having more people around in the Nao server once we are all together, but I still like our little server we have here. So lets go out with a bang everyone on our final hours. But I'm open for more Finale Server Events if anyone else has any to offer. If you wanna reach out to me my discord is Master Jay(scudda)#5589. This is kinda my first time doing something like this so I hope I please you all with the events. Enjoy~


  • Jay64Jay64
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    Edit: apparently i had the hide and seek time wrtong. 5pm PST. Woopsies