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Seep in the Chaos and Join Catastrophe!

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Catastrophe Guild Recuitement

History Of Catastrophe
On August 7, 2014 Catastrophe was founded by Takutosama, Yagumi and four other friends that wanted to make an awesome guild for just the 6 However, As time goes by and when friends move on with their own lives both the guild leaders Takutosama and Yagumi decided to open Catastrophe arms to everyone that is kind, cool to hang around and people who are not obsess with getting the latest new and rare items, or being op.

Who We Are &what We Belive
We are a small lay back guild that believes in helping out our fellow guildies and non guildies. We do not care for who is or what is op in mabinogi, Nor do we brag about how strong we are or what new items we get.

What We Do
We do guild events,raffles,help one another and play other games as well

What Are W Looking For
+ Players New,old or returning are welcome!
+Friendly people that do not care so much about Mabi's End game,
+Players that dose NOT have an Elitist attitude
+Players that are ok with other members talk about thing and games that are not mabi related
+Must have discord in other to keep track with guild announcements,events meeting etc.(if you have any questions regarding discord please speak with the Guild leader Yagumi)
+ overall just chill people

If you are interested in joing Catasrophe Please message Yagumi in game for more details