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10k NX Event (Every Saturday)

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edited June 3, 2019 in Alexina Chat

Mabinogi 10K NX Event Details, June 8th Saturday 11pm

Players will be required to buy rolling dice and slender robe.
Players will come to rath royal castles upper lobby. They will line up along the wall near the garden, 1 person to each tile. As you roll your dice, you will move forward through the tiles by the number on your dice. The first person to reach the end wins. Multiple winners will result in a second round where the winners face off against eachother. The last winner of the games will be awarded a 10K NX (Karma Koin) code.

**Rules are subject to change at the time of the event, an explanation will be given at the start."

Please Support My Channel:

I am doing these events every Saturday at 11pm EST for the Alexina server. Previous event winners will also be listed here.

Current Event Champion:
  1. Do you enjoy these events?14 votes
    1. No, they are unhealthy for the server.
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    2. Yes, i enjoy them. They are very entertaining.
       43% (6 votes)
    3. Idk, i wasnt aware of these until now.
       57% (8 votes)


  • GretaGreta
    Mabinogi Rep: 46,610
    Posts: 6,926
    Never heard about this event. Looks interesting and fun though!
  • LadameLadame
    Mabinogi Rep: 2,300
    Posts: 158
    Yes, I am looking forward to this! A couple questions though, will we have to show up on a human or elf? Since giants cannot equip Slender Robes. 'w'

    And which channel will it take place on?
  • Caractacus4Caractacus4
    Mabinogi Rep: 750
    Posts: 15
    Sorry for the late reply. I was on vacation in other state. The event will be on channel 1, and I was not aware giants could not equip slender robes. And cheap robe you can get from an npc will work if you are a giant.