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Daily/Repeat missions not received

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edited June 16, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches
I received today's tailteann daily but never received my 2nd one.
I have not entered any SM in tara after 7am PST and I've relogged and CC'd but no owl came over.

My partner is experiencing a similar scenario but instead he got a repeat mission of tailteann daily despite already having completed it also clicking on it manually but when he approached the board, the supposed daily SM (tail) doesn't show the daily bonus anymore since we did run the tail daily sm together and we're both awaiting tara's.
So far it has only happened today ..

Edit: We still did the tara daily without the repeat quest but when we came out, it still gave us the ap coupons + 50 briogh of discipline for me. Day 2 and we got our tail repeat quest but never for tara. BUT when we do the tara daily, it still gave us the rewards the repeat quest gives.