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Recent Rumors

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It seems there's been many rumors, lies, and speculation going on around Ruairi. I recently just found out about this so I am posting on my day off to shed some light. I do not find it fair that people are making up lots of stories that are causing unnecessary drama and confusion within the community. We have received your tickets and it will be looked at by someone in our CS department. Unfortunately I myself am not in CS so I do not answer tickets. I would like to reassure people that I have not given an item to someone for cash, for a stream, because they are "friends", or any of the other reasons floating around. This is all false information.

I am assuming that many of the threads were moved due to it being spam, so I hope this thread can clear things up and prevent any further spamming on the forums.

I am quite certain a lot of this is coming about due to the fact that some people feel "She's the most hated GM". Even if there are personal grudges, this is not the proper way to express those feelings and I hope you all do understand.

One last note! I am aware of certain people making threats of physical harm to me and to my property, threats on my life, even going so far as to say I should be beheaded or have my throat slit. This has gone way too far... I have this evidence and will be making a police report before this gets out of hand.

Thank you!
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