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Unable to take the Sword of Elsinore anymore

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edited June 20, 2019 in Bugs and Glitches

The sword is unable to be taken whilst wearing the Rosemary Gloves. I've completed G13 and it's associated sidequests, and the sword doesn't react with the gloves. I've tried emptying out my special inventory and taking bags out of my main inventory. I don't have anything in style tab either. The sword can still be touched without the gloves, and if you have something in your hands with the gloves equipped it tells you to empty your hands. The only thing I've done to my Rosemary Gloves is bless them, and I've also tried emptying my AUX weapon slots. All of it results in the sword doing nothing. Changing channels, relogging, closing and reopening the game hasn't fixed the problem either.

Latest maintenance seems to have fixed the issue.

Server: Alexina
Character: Capnrecon