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S> Ench. Bride, Bohemian (F), Signed Gloomy Sunday

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edited June 25, 2019 in Nao Marketplace

Here to just sell a couple items. Please contact Joyjason in game if interested.
Please note I will not break any of the sets below. Sorry!
Full Enchanted Bride Set (Includes Shoes, Gloves, and Wig-Veil)
Asking Price is 8m for the entire set
Full Bohemian Set for Females
Only notable feature is that the entire set will provide 10/11 Set Effects. Original Durability otherwise
Basic enchants on some pieces
Asking Price is 2m for the entire set
Signed Demonic Gloomy Sunday (x3)
65 Crafted Durability (Original is 60)
As a Bonus, all Buyers will have the option of buying this item with either 100 Proficiency, or with 4/5* Upgrades with 100 Proficiency so they can perform the last upgrade themselves
* = "Break Gloomy Sunday Seal" will be the first upgrade
Asking Price is 5m for each

Please note that while I accept trades and haggles, I do ask that you do so with integrity and respect for me as a seller.